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Our Mission

At DWC, we transform stress-inducing aspects of your day into uplifting experiences, whether you're at work, waiting in line, or receiving healthcare. We employ our patent-pending Mood Enhancing Technology—grounded in scientific research—to break the cycle of emotional drain and daily exhaustion.

Clean Mental Health Technology: A Balanced Approach

Our approach is grounded in digital psychology and holistic health models. We aim for a balanced state of emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Our AI-driven QR codes and emails change how people interact with brands, elevating customer satisfaction and contributing to mental wellness.

Our Products

myStride Office: For the Hybrid Worker

"Harmonize Work, Optimize Well-Being"


  1. Mood and Pain Point Charting: Utilize aggregate data to understand emotional highs and lows throughout the workday.
  2. Microbreaks with Leadership Training Videos and Courses: Tailored modules to improve managerial skills in hybrid work settings.
  3. Onboarding with AI-Driven Mentoring: Jump-start the work culture for new hires with our trademarked mentoring system.
  4. Customized Hybrid Wellness Workouts: Rejuvenate your focus with binaural beats and other wellness activities.

Impact: Expect a 30% increase in mental wellness within the first year.
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myStride Lines: Turning Waiting into Winning

"Transforming Wait into Wellness"


  1. Location-Specific Customer Sentiment Analysis: Real-time data for immediate action and increased sales.
  2. Interactive Screens with Micro-Games: Transform wait times with engaging puzzles.
  3. Social Play Options: Engage in social games while waiting.

Impact: Our patented process increases joy and reduces stress during wait times.
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myStride Health: Enhancing Healthcare Experiences

"Empowering Moments, Elevating Health"


  1. Mood and Location Tracking: Patent-pending technology that records mood, location, and time for data-driven healthcare.
  2. Droodles and Binaural Beats for Enhanced Relaxation: Elevate the healthcare experience with advanced relaxation techniques.

Impact: Clinical trials in progress, but early results indicate reduced stress in five minutes or less.
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myStride Practitioners

"Revitalize Your Practice, Recharge Your Clients"


  1. Emotion Isolation: Our patent-pending process identifies specific emotional triggers causing fatigue and burnout.
  2. Aggregate Data: Use data to understand patterns in emotional well-being and make informed decisions for therapeutic approaches.
  3. Wellness Workouts: Offer quick, effective ways to manage stress outside of sessions.

Impact: Expect an increase in the efficacy of therapeutic interventions and a happier client base.
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"Game On, Stress Off"


  1. Mood Enhancing Technology: Intervenes at critical gaming moments to reduce stress and risk.
  2. Behavioral Analytics: Real-time data informs healthier gaming choices.
  3. Wellness Time-Outs: Quick microbreaks for effective stress management during gameplay.

  4. Impact: Expect a 5% decrease in risky gaming behavior and a 9% uplift in user well-being and trust in brand.
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Our solutions are more than just services; they are a positive shift in how we experience the world around us. We're not merely enhancing brand experiences; we're elevating mental health and well-being. Together, let's build a better world—one interaction at a time.

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