The future of workplace preventative mental healthcare

Discover the wellness technology platform helping organizations reduce burnout, promote inclusivity, and increase retention.

The world's first Welltech company

The Digital Wellness Center is the first company to produce simultaneous measurement and content that proactively addresses mental health and wellness at work.

Based on years of scientific research, it’s a new, highly effective approach to addressing the mental health needs of your workforce.

"We will lower stress among your workers and increase staff retention."

Harness the power
of science-based Welltech

Easy integration

As a founding pioneer in the Welltech space, we seamlessly leverage the digital technology you already have to enhance your employees’ quality of life, both at work and at home.

Content that counts

Subscribers receive unlimited access to self-assessment tools, a comprehensive learning library, live sessions with coaches, and micro-interventions. Maintain a happy, healthy work culture.

With full measurement

Our unique IP enables us to provide your company’s stakeholders with benchmarks, trends, and insights on burnout and productivity, within your own workforce and how it compares to your industry.

The numbers don't lie

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Increase in profitability

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Reduction in burnout

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Acceleration in performance

How does it work?


Burnout prevention and wellness tools, advice, and learning three times a week. Delivered how your employees want it, through email or text.


Help your team learn and build mentally healthy habits, with hundreds of videos created to reduce stress and develop stronger communication skills.


We provide benchmark reports to employees and employers with recommendations on how to get the most out of your team and reduce burnout.