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Your team are meeting “Preparers”

Preferred work channel: Conversation Capital

Preparers make up 13% of most workforces. They trade in conversation and connecting. They prefer to hear how tasks and projects are progressing, like to be deliberate in their work, and will not be rushed. Their strength is building teams through mentoring.

How Preparers Prefer to Collaborate as a Team: Through Formal Rules

Preparers view meetings as a way to give information to a group and prefer the formality of status meetings for this reason.

Variance Trigger: Formality

Variance Correction: identify the type of meeting and share who is responsible for what. Use technology to identify, schedule, and set expectations for the meeting. 

How Preparers Prefer to Meet as Team: Through Conversation   

Preparers prefer to hear directly in person about how a project is going and discuss next steps. They are reluctant to embrace video or meetings due to the multiple voices on the phone that can’t be identified  

Variance Trigger: Detachment 

Variance Correction: Use Skype. When meeting through technology, at the top of the call identify who will be speaking and their responsibilities for the project.   

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