Communication Capital B

Your team are meeting Determiners

Preferred work channel: Time and Task

Determiners make up 43% of most workforces. They trade in the currency of time and task. Determiners are energized by seeing how tasks and projects are advancing. Their strengths as a team are that they have a strong work ethic and are suburb strategists.

How Determiners Prefer to Collaborate as a Team: With Structure and Discourse

Determiners view meetings as an opportunity to get things done. They organize the meetings, direct the meetings and prefer to see what people have accomplished in a meeting. They don’t want to hear about it.

Variance Trigger: Involuntary disengagement.

Variance Correction: Have members check off the status of tasks using a group Planner or To-Do (we use Excel). Then, at the meeting, share the Planner to facilitate collaboration and close any gaps.

How Determiners Prefer to Meet as a Team: With a PowerPoint

Determiners became accustomed to technology at work through digital access, meaning becoming immersed in technology through solo programs like PowerPoint and Word, and accessing files online. Creation through technology is an individual experience that is then shared.

Variance Trigger: Comfort Technology

Variance Correction: Determiners want to see changes and like updated versions of PowerPoint or Excel that clearly show time spent on a project. Therefore, show deck versions so Determiners can track the team’s creative process and see all the changes rather than reading multiple decks.

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