Communication Capital C

Your team are meeting Adapters

Preferred work channel: Condensed Conversations

Adapters make up 44% of the workforce.  Adapters team culture trades in the currency of sharing and opinions. They text, they like, and they share.  They are consummate socializers who drive change through their natural ability to charm others and build consensus.

How Adapters Prefer to Collaborate as a Team: Contributor

This group is part of the meeting culture curse and because of this, they don’t get to contribute as effectively as they would wish, limiting their ability to drive change.

Variance Trigger: Use of social media at work

Variance Correction: Text and incorporate social media into your creative collaboration. Social media is part of everyday life, make it a fun part of a meeting when you can.

How Adapters Prefer to Meet as a Team: Social Media  

Adapters create with each other through a machine. Texting is the new watercooler chat. They are motivated to create by an action that needs to be taken or a problem that needs to be solved.

Variance Trigger: The Meeting Culture Curse (no social)

Variance Correction Adapters create and communicate as a team. They have been online in group discussion since the 5th grade it is what makes them great change agents.  In your meeting invite, include an agenda that builds in reading time for materials and discussion time to build consensus.

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