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Your team are meeting Doers

Preferred work channel: Cloud Technology   

Doers make up less than 5% of the workforce. They trade in the currency of technology and speed. Their currency is online. They tend not to read at length, but can manage multiple tasks with ease. They are the go-getters who aren’t afraid to shoulder a heavy load.

How a Doers Team Prefers to Collaborate: In the Cloud

This generation uses visual and auditory technology and memes to collaborate.

Variance Trigger: Restricted Meeting Modalities

Variance Correction: Stress triggers include asking them to use only one modality to meet.

Therefore, encourage the use of your intranet or social or text. Doers are very familiar with social media, so allow them that comfort.  

How Doers Prefer to Meet as a Team: Short Messages

Doers have no idea how to use e-mail or answer a phone. That technology is as unfamiliar to them as a compact disc. We have to teach them how to use e-mail, because it’s not a technology about to be replaced anytime soon.

Variance Trigger: Adaption v

Variance Correction: Create standards for email etiquette, meeting success, PowerPoint, and LinkedIn patterns that will allow Doers to quickly and efficiently move through their jobs by connecting with others through technology.

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