Digital Wellness Policy

Last updated: November 2020


This employee digital wellness policy applies to all our employees. We offer our wellness program as part of a group health plan.

Policy elements

Our company is providing this policy to promote digital wellness, defined as healthy habits practiced on a daily basis that enable you to attain better physical and mental health.

What is the digital wellness policy for employees?

We developed our digital wellness policy for people to thrive, rather than just survive, digitally. We know people want advice, they want an unbiased third party, one they have confidence in, to ease the feelings of conflict that working digitally brings to their life. They want to know “How can I get over these feelings of anger?” “How do I get motivated to attend another meeting?” “Am I making the right choice?” The central question is: “What should I do?” Once they have an answer, they can act, see what happens, and stop living in anxious assumption. 

At OUR COMPANY we believe that a physically and mentally strong team results in our world class customer service mindset. To achieve our goal of delivering highly relevant and personalized onsite customer experiences we subscribed to the following policies:

Digital Wellness Do’s

  • To give our clients and our team a break we won’t respond to emails between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.
  • Every day from 1:00 – 3:00 pm our email service will be shut down for senior executives allowing them to focus on their work.
  • Run intelligent — not token — meetings and stay on time. Don’t go over time, end the meeting 10 minutes before.
  • When possible as a team we will host tech-less meeting walks to keep everyone more focused.
  • When in a team meeting, turn on your video. Don’t lurk in the dark.
  • You have access to Desktop Detoxes™ recommended three times a week for three minutes a day. They are science-based solutions for email exhaustion, meeting stress, and problem-solving blocks. Please contact HR to enroll.


Digital Wellness Don’ts

  1. Don’t respond unless necessary.
  2. Don’t say nod and say yes if you don’t understand something. Ask a question always.
  3. Don’t speak on behalf of others.
  4. Do not repeat a negative.
  5. Don’t get too technical. Would your mother understand it?
  6. Don’t use acronyms.
  7. Do not provide a grocery list of information in PDF or dozens of links.


Technology is simply the format for people connecting with people. It is our job as leaders and communicators to humanize technology by being our best authentic selves digitally.  

To help you we have training and courses that promote digital wellness and provide you with more resources.

These fall under the purview of our XXXX (your wellness manager)