You are a

In Message Received Ch 5, Ch 6 p160, p167 is for you. Try the Crane series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.

You, dear crane, are a fixture in your landscape. You are reliable and highly capable at what you do – and you should be with your experience. Others likely look to you for guidance. You look for insight and value in every conversation you have, in person or digitally.

Your Workplace Habits

You're an auditory learner and you likely have a memory for detail when it comes to learning new things. You're better at learning new technologies than others may realize.

Your conversation skills allow you to connect easily with some coworkers. And when you connect, you do so firmly.

Your Digital Braveries

You're likely very good with words. You may prefer more detail than others when it comes to both sending and receiving communication.

You view meetings, in-person and remote, as a valuable way to exchange information. You don't mind status meetings because, when successful, they exhibit progress.


Don't feel it's all on you. While others may have less experience, they also bring fresh energy. Leverage that.


Eye for detail, communication, fastidiousness