You are
an Eagle

In Message Received Chapter 5 page 141 is for you. Try the Eagle series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.

Eagles don't need to hide from bad news. They'd rather stare it down and address it as it is. Like the eagle, you don't waste time on superficial activity. As a result, you've created a network of colleagues who respect you. You don't typically need to ask for help, but if you did, you could go to almost any of them for it.

Your Workplace Habits

Involved in a brainstorming session? You prefer it to be well-organized and clearly facilitated. With a white board if possible.

You're a visual learner who prefers clear, concise emails that detail exactly what the sender needs.

Your Digital Braveries

When you have to work collaboratively with others, especially remotely, you just want to know their tasks have been accomplished. You don't need to know HOW they were accomplished, which you may see as a waste of time.

You build trust by your accomplishments. And you're always looking to make something more efficient.


There is much to be learned from those you may sometimes dismiss. They want the best too.


Confidence, communication, leadership