You are an
Emperor Penguin

In Message Received Chapter 6 page 160 and 167 is for you. Try the Emperor Penguin series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.

Emperor Penguin

As an emperor penguin you know what your strengths are. You’re always able to call on your skill and intelligence when the going gets tough. You're an excellent communicator in person, which has allowed you to build a network of likeminded fellows. (Great job!)

Your Workplace Habits

You're a very good conversationalist. Your digital IQ is high in connection through how you conduct simple conversations with others.

You build trust across your teams by building support and consensus among them.

Your Digital Braveries

When you're giving feedback, you know the value in sincerity and honesty. You prefer to look them in the eye, and may get frustrated if they're not focusing.

You assess individuals based on what they have accomplished. And you don't hesitate to tell them so.


Others value your expertise. Don't shy away from offering mentorship if a situation calls for it.


Leadership, empathy, honesty