You are a

In Message Received the foreword on page 8 is for you. Try the Falcon series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.


As a falcon, your focus is nearly unmatched among peers. You see the long game and are ready to put the work in. That being said, there are times you know you need to withdraw from the busy-ness of your day-to-day. Remember that's ok. Find time in your own company. It's more valuable than you may remember.

Your Workplace Habits

You learn through action and sharing with others. Digitally speaking, you connect easily with others. Personally, you appreciate a good social “share” and do count the likes you get.

You value hearing how others perceive situations. Their opinions sometimes validate yours. Other times, you simply appreciate the different perspective.

Your Digital Braveries

You make change happen and you do so continually. Your digital IQ is high in adaptability and unafraid of the new.

You're able to build trust by walking the walk. You're well familiar with your moral code and you're not embarrassed to stick to it in the digital realm, sometimes in the face of adversity.


Don't dismiss the expertise of those more experienced than you. They want the best for everyone involved.


Initiative, leadership, drive