You are a

In Message Received Chapter 3 page 87 is for you. Try the Hummingbird series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.

Well dear hummingbird, you've got a lot going on, moving from one project to another. You know you need time alone, but seldom feel you can take it. Stop and breathe. You got this. When push comes to shove, your coping mechanisms are strong. They'll help you every time.

Your Workplace Habits

You likely see brainstorming sessions as a creative break from the rest of your day. You know it feels good to tap into that part of your skillset.

When giving or receiving feedback, you prefer an off-the-cuff conversation that isn't prepared. You want it to feel as if it's part of your regular day, rather than to "make it a thing."

Your Digital Braveries

You're highly adept at building trust among your colleagues. And you do so through social use of digital media. You're a social media networker.

You're among the most digitally adaptable at your workplace. You roll with the technical punches because you know you need to. Others admire how you lead them through digital change.


There's more to life at than being the star you are. Lean on your connections when you need to.


Loyalty, agility, professionalism