You are a

In Message Received Chapter 7 page 187 is for you. Try the Mallard series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.

When you're a mallard, you go back and forth between energetic times of fly about uncertainty and gentle paddles on the water's surface. Use that balance to your benefit. Continue to look for a gut level of connection when communicating with others digitally. Don't feel bad about the days on the still waters. You've earned them.

Your Workplace Habits

You're a kinesthetic learner, meaning you prefer to learn by doing, rather than reading about it. The wired world is your playground.

You view meetings as the opportunity to share what you've accomplished and hear some different viewpoints from your own.

Your Digital Braveries

When giving and receiving feedback, you prefer to do so in a group in person, rather than digitally. You like to see what others are saying, thinking, and doing.

Learning new technology comes effortlessly to you, or at least with a short learning curve. You embrace change as part of the game.


Others may see you as an authority at work; be conscious of what you're projecting.


Leadership, initiative, loyalty