You are
an Owl

In Message Received Chapter 5 page 141 is for you. Try the Owl series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.

No one ever doubted the owl of being wise. Your experience means you tell it like it is, be it good or bad news. You likely can't stand it when people waste your time or don't trust your intelligence. Remember they don't mean any disrespect; it's simply how they communicate.

Your Workplace Habits

Your digital IQ is particularly high in the ability to get s*** done. It frustrates you when others stand in your way.

You see meetings as a chance to discuss productivity and tasks accomplished. If others are late or distracted during a meeting, it can cause you to disengage.

Your Digital Braveries

In remote feedback sessions, you actually want to hear the bad news first. But then you rarely hear the good news when it comes because you're still focused on the bad.

You never hesitate to ask for more detail if it's missing from an email to you. Others look to you to get stuff done, so when you need more information, you demand it.


Hear the good news when people are giving it to you. Don't just focus on the negative.


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