You are a

In Message Received Chapter 1 page 58 is for you. Try the Swallow series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.

As a swallow, your digital IQ is high. It means your brain, and potentially your fingers, move fast through digital applications. That’s a good thing, but consider occasional physical exercise to burn some off some of that energy. Put down your phone and move around. (You need to be reminded of that sometimes.)

Your Workplace Habits

When it comes to learning anything new, you’d rather watch a short video than be given something to read. If you can’t find it on YouTube, you’ll ask others online.

Ever feel obligated to type out a full reply in sentence form, when you’d rather just reply with an emoji? As an empathetic person, you’re simply trying to speak the digital language of someone older than you.

Your Digital Braveries

You know how to build trust with your coworkers and friends. You don’t back down from calling them out online if you feel you’ve been disrespected. (Watch that delivery sometimes, though.)

You see meetings (remote or in-person) as a chance to learn from your more experienced coworkers. You don’t have an ego about learning so you don’t (usually) try to make others believe you know something you don’t.


You’re not in this alone. Others are happy to help you. Simply ask.


Empathy, sincerity, loyalty