You are a Woodpecker

In Message Received Chapter 1 page 58 is for you. Try the Woodpecker series at The Digital Wellness to reduce your stress.

Well, woodpecker, you're no quitter. You are tenacious at your job and will keep at your task until it's done. Just remember to get offline sometimes though. Step outside. Do something fun that's actually good for your brain and your body. Your future self will thank you.

Your Workplace Habits

You're a tactful and disciplined team member. You easily exhibit these attributes online with your team, through digital collaboration and communication.

You're talented at finding the most efficient (speediest!) way of doing something – through technology. ​

Your Digital Braveries

You never met a technology you didn't like. You're a digital problem solver, using online social interaction to define, understand, and create a solution.

You establish trust with coworkers through your digital accomplishments. They see your talents as formidable; you likely downplay them as just another part of you.​


Those more experienced than you want the best for you. Don't hesitate to ask for guidance when you need it.​


Energy, trustworthiness, openness