Healing North America's Employees & Businesses

Hundreds of employees—from startups to large enterprises—use our science to manage stress, increase productivity, and educate their teams on the importance of Wellness.

We empower your team with healthy habits to deal with today’s hybrid workplace.

We give them answers to the questions they are asking.

"I am working late into the evening and don't know how to turn off."


"I have more responsibilities at home and work. I need help..."


"I am not happy and something needs to change. I am working too many hours"


"I have kids at home and trying to home school. How do I get my work done?"


Burnout and exhaustion are not cured by today’s pop-up experts who suggest calming breaths, drinking water, or holding a teddy bear.

Burnout and exhaustion is cured by science.

We use science.


The Digital Wellness Center's
Workplace Program

The only program built around the type of stress your employee's experience and designed to make your job delivering it organization-wide a breeze.

Why Employees love it

Why Employers love it

A better way to deal with stress.

Weekly Content

Anytime, anywhere content that is available on any device, at their own pace.

1:1 Coaching

Employees can chat with our team to get advice to difficult questions they are having

Insights Report

Analytics and Intelligence on how your program is being adopted and how it’s helping your people.

Year-long campaign

We give you everything you need for communicating a successful launch and beyond.

Monthly Events

Special guest webinars, virtual events, and custom content related to your unique team.

On-demand Learning

Access to industry-leading courses and modules that can be done anytime!

You are in great company

Let's change the way we talk about wellness

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