Efficiency in your day

In this high-energy Netflix style class, you are introduced to flashcards, narrative learning and memory games that ensure that in a few quick lessons you will be able to use the defence mechanism classification to organize your teammates’ communication, giving each of you a new sense of efficiency, strength and power in your digital communication. After taking Success Together, you will feel “the energy of your tribe,” which creates a strong bond between teammates, resulting in a surge in understanding and creativity, and therefore a reduction in stress at work.  

  1. Effective CommunicationLearners will be given methods to use digital communication efficiently and effectively by writing clearly and understanding messages received, through appropriate sentence patterning, word choice and matching technology to the communication need.  
  2. Change ManagementLearners will be given methods to manage change through feedback and technology, including having difficult conversations and more productive meetings. 
  3. After viewing the video micro lessons the learner will understand how to use Microsoft to improve communication in emails, meetings and sales pitches using generational insights and among the different generations.  


The New Digital Management Bible

9-Steps to building a successful
team post COVID

How do transformation and change take place? It comes down to a leader’s ability to influence and inspire behavioral change. This course focuses on the way leaders share information with their team members. It must be done in such a way that it results in a change in thought or behavior.  


Influencing others can only happen when the leader understands how to adapt to another person’s listening style, which fosters collaboration within both small and large groups. Not being able to influence others creates confusion and anxiety. People fail to achieve their goals. “Influencing” should not fall on deaf ears, and it requires building meaningful relationships.  


Influence is required when you need to motivate and move a group forward. Influence is based in active and engaged listening, and far too many leaders don’t exercise this skill in a diligent way. In a mixed group that has members at various stages of development, socio-economic backgrounds and diverse ethnicities, a team member can be inspired and encouraged by another member who has overcome the problems they are dealing with or be challenged to innovate by a leader who understands the value of listening.   

  1. Influence and Impact: The learner will understand how to motivate and lead a group digitally and in person by avoiding each generation’s stress triggers and demotivators and utilizing collaboration triggers.
  2. Advocacy: The learner will understand how to gain support and commitment from their team for a project, idea or suggestion for organizational change.  

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

7 Steps to a Better Day

We are living in historic times and the “plot twist” of Covid has made life just that much more overwhelming. There is much more uncertainty in digital communication compared to face- to-face conversation. This uncertainty is created by a lack of filters in digital communication that are present in face-to-face conversation, for example, tone or social cues. Eventually your brain starts to react to this uncertainty and filters. When your brain filter fails, fight or flight begins. Fight or flight is an acute response in the moment. If it constantly happening at work, it starts to affect our perception of events. We become chronically overwhelmed.  


This course teaches you the filters and the brain patterns to help you reduce your feelings of panic and being overwhelmed when you look at your daily to-do list.  

  1. Effective messaging through categorization: Learners will learn to categorize their messaging according to their audience. This will give them the ability to send, receive and accurately interpret ideas, information and emails, digitally. Tools included in this course include appropriate sentence patterning for reducing stress in all generationsword choice that motivates and encourages collaboration, and words and stimuli that need to be avoided to reduce organizational drag 
  2. Motivate and Influence: The learner will understand how to motivate and lead their team digitally and/or in person by avoiding each generation’s stress triggers and demotivators and utilizing collaboration triggers. 
  3. Reward and advocate: The learner will understand how to gain support and commitment from their team for a project, idea or suggestion for organizational change. 

The Donohue Mentoring System (DMS):

Engagement that reduces the time between idea and Execution

An award-winning system, the DMS was created to grow high-potential diverse leaders by providing them with the opportunity to gain exposure and advocacy at a senior level within organizations to support their accelerated development and internal mobility. Our clients— such as BMO, TD Bank, American Airlines and Walmart—have achieved outstanding results including:  

  • 50% of male mentees are more willing to stay with a corporation (DMBA Magazine 2013)  
  • 86% of female mentees are more willing to stay with an organization (MASAL 2021) 

The DMS is a one-of-a-kind online leadership-training tool. It facilitates monthly meetings between mentors and mentees. It uses qualitative and quantitative to measure the mentoring experience.  

  1. Foster a Diverse Leadership: The learner will understand how to grow their leadership skills within their organization’s culture.    
  2. Trusting Partnerships: The learner gains insight into building trusting relationships with team members, and in turn, will influence trust across the organization.   
  3. Organize: The learner will understand the “culture” of work. The result is an increased ability to achieve work-related goals and move the goals of the organization forward.  
  4. Advocacy and Sponsorship: The learner will understand how to share their fantastic ideas and advocate for self, others and team. The result is committed, happy and engaged team members.  
  5. Categorize Communication: The learner will understand how to convey information through technology that is clear and accurately interpret information received. Optimum collaboration results from this learning.   

The Digital Mindset

This live” eight-hour course focusses on understanding and problem solving that is tailored to you. As Tony Robbins once said, “No matter how successful you are, there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be.” 

This course helps you get to where you want to be and will answer the following questions:  


  1. What are the biggest challenges you face? 
  2. What are the gaps in your career?  
  3. Who is your clan, and how do you stay linked? 
  4. What challenges do your team members face? 
  5. How do you work together to address the challenges?