Proactive employee wellness technology

The Digital Wellness Center offers a new approach to addressing stress in the workplace.

Our research with over 27,000 participants indicates your employees have a communication problem.

They’re misunderstanding each other in 80% of the emails and text messages they’re receiving.

This misunderstanding leads to frustration and elevated stress for 202 working days every year. Feeling more anxiety, your people are taking more sick days, self-administering more drugs, and planning their exit from your company.

The Digital Wellness Center is an inexpensive, highly effective solution, designed to reduce your employees’ stress levels and increase retention rates.

Our simple, digital platform works seamlessly with the technology you already use. It is easily scalable for 10 or 10,000 participants.

Through customized learning activities and short, one-to-five-minute exercises, we enable participants to slow down their brain, control their inner dialogue, and become clear in any situation. 

The Digital Wellness Center isn’t mindfulness training.
It’s simply science grounded in years of research.

Microsoft Canada

We delivered this participatory action study over a period of four weeks, to 88 participants, ages 27–63. Our results indicated a (10%) increase in focus time and a (10%) decrease in workplace stress.

In June 2018, we deployed a digital wellness curriculum to Microsoft Canada. We wanted to determine if we could increase ROI, defined as an increase in dedicated focus time at work.