You are the global citizen of the workforce.

Your view of the workplace is that it should be as diverse as your followers or those who you follow.  You have social change built into your DNA. This passion defines you at work as a go-getter.  You are determined and focused. No job is too big or too small.

You are motivated by fair pay for fair work and ethical leadership.

You are stressed by leaders or companies that don’t have the same values as you do, which are global values because you grew up in and on the Internet.

You love logic and the truth. Don’t be afraid to challenge people with your logical arguments. Surprisingly, logic is back in style.

In a meeting when people “over talk,” you zone out. You prefer brief learning bursts. Once you have processed information, you are happy to discuss it. You are animated, with your eyes flashing right and left, and one hand (because the other is always holding your phone) moving in tandem with your ideas.

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